Puntolingua is an Italian language center based in Berlin and CELI examination center recognized by the University for Foreigners of Perugia. Whatever you might need, Puntolingua offers you a team of teachers of different ages, but united by certified professionalism and a great passion for teaching the Italian language.

Learn Italian with our online classes

  • Italian grammar refresher courses
  • CELI preparation courses … read more

Italian classes in Berlin

  • Italian courses A1 – B1 (up to 12 participants)
  • Italian in small groups A1.1 – C2.2 (up to 4 participants)
  • CELI preparation courses
  • Special Italian courses as “Libretti d’opera”, Conversation or Cinema
  • Language services for companies … read more in German

Why learn Italian?

  • Some people, especially in Europe, learn Italian at least at a basic level to be more comfortable during their holidays in Italy.
  • In some European schools, Italian is studied as a second language.
  • Some European university students choose Italy for their period of study or internship abroad (Erasmus program).
  • Anyone who wants to move to Italy for work needs to learn Italian.
  • There are also those who want to learn Italian for family reasons, to resume the language of their ancestors (this is the case of foreigners with Italian origin) or because they are married to an Italian.

Furthermore, there are many people in the world who love the Italian language, perhaps because of its sound, perhaps because they associate images of the joy of life and harmony of forms (in the figurative arts or in music) with this language, or perhaps who knows … Italians often struggle to understand it, because for them Italian is normal.

Various curiosities, questions from the web

  • What is the best way to learn Italian?

The individual needs of the learners are our focus. Among the Puntolingua courses you will certainly recognize your personal way of learning Italian. In addition to the Italian classes Puntolingua offers many types of individual learning, both in Berlin and online. Among them, individual Italian lessons in modules or in blocks, conversational Italian or an Italian chat for your Smartphone
But what remains the same with all offers: 25 years of experience in language didactics, passion for languages, native speakers, competent and highly motivated teachers.

  • How long does it usually take to learn Italian?

It depends on the level you want to reach. An A1 level course lasts 30-40 hours.

  • How can I learn Italian on my own?

If you are a beginner we recommend that you take a language course, but if you want to practice what you have already learned you will find many suggestions on our pages, some of which are free. For example, the Italian language activities, divided into Italian for beginners and Italian for intermediate level.

  • What is the hardest part of learning Italian?

As in all Romance languages, verbs.

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