Learn Italian online and enjoy Tuscany with Puntolingua’s program

Learn Italian and travel to Italy with our customized program lasting one month (extendable). Learning Italian is more enjoyable and effective if you have the opportunity to practice the language in Italy immediately after the course.

First step: Learn Italian for two weeks with a teacher

In the first two weeks you learn Italian for 20 hours in one-to-one or paired lessons via webcam or in our language center in Berlin. You can choose between language courses (all levels), conversation or grammar review, according to your needs.

Second step: Keep learning Italian in Italy

In order to learn Italian in Italy and put into practice what you have learned during the course with the teacher, we can arrange for you a two-week stay in Tuscany for example in Piombino, a small town on the Tuscan coast.

Puntolingua has agreed favorable conditions for its customers for all the flats that we present here.

See description of the flat “Numero 13”.

Piombino and its surroundings:

Parchi della Val di CorniaElba Island


Italian language course + 2 weeks stay in Piombino: € 900,00 (+ VAT)*. Forms of payment accepted: bank transfer or PayPal.

* This means that if you are resident in in the European Union the price for the language course and the stay in Piombino is € 900,00 + 19%, that is € 1071,00. On the other hand, if you are resident in other countries, you do not have the VAT supplement.

Contact us at info[at]puntolingua.it to learn more or to book your first free introduction meeting.

How to learn Italian with Puntolingua

Speaking is a natural human attitude, but when it is used as a learning strategy, there are a few things to keep in mind, for example to invite the student to express their opinions directly in the target language, instead of using the time available to talk “about the target language”.

It seems easy, but to do this you need to know various teaching methods. Unfortunately, today we have the impression that teaching a language with new technologies is very easy. Everyone at home has a computer and a webcam, but technology, even if very useful, is not enough.

With Puntolingua the student is guided through his individual learning process and to do this the teacher must have skills in the field of foreign language learning.

For this reason, by Puntolingua we organize a training course in language teaching and the teachers who have been working with us for the longest time have a certification in teaching Italian for foreigners.

Our teachers live in Berlin or they only lived in Berlin for a certain period during which they followed our training and then returned to Italy.

Read the presentations of our teachers and check our competence for yourself.

Learning Italian with Puntolingua online

To learn Italian, Puntolingua offers several options.

  • Individual Italian lessons (A1 – C2 level)

This service is aimed at those who intend to study individually.
A Puntolingua teacher will be available to you online via webcam every working day.
Rate: € 24,00 – € 26,00 (+ VAT) per unit (60 minutes) or € 100,00 (+ VAT) per module
Read more

  • One-to-one Italian conversation (from B1 level)

To practice Italian and increase your vocabulary in a pleasant way, simply by conversing.
A Puntolingua teacher will be available to you online via webcam every working day.
Rate: € 26,00 (+ VAT) per unit (60 minutes).
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  • Free online activities
    Free Italian exercises (grammar and vocabulary), free videos about Italian language and other free activities. An Italian teacher checks your homework and answers your questions. This service is available for beginners and for intermediate level (1) and (2).
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  • Refresh course in Italian on your Smartphone
    The teacher starts a chat through which it is possible to discuss the exercises, exchange images and comments, work in pairs or in groups.
    Read more

Learning Italian with Puntolingua in Berlin

L’italiano con Emma

Read the proposals of our courses to learn Italian in Berlin on the website of Puntolingua in German language.

Do you need a translation in Italian? Visit our page for the area.

Various curiosities, questions from the web:

  • Can I learn Italian in 3 months?

Of course, but a lot depends on how many hours you dedicate to learning Italian in these three months, what are your starting points and above all what is meant by “learning a language”. In three months you can easily reach an A1 level, maybe even an A2.

  • Is Italian an easy language to learn?

It depends on many factors, for example on what your mother tongue is, your level of education and your motivation to learn Italian.

  • How can I learn Italian by myself?

Try to listen or read something in Italian every day and create opportunities for interaction with native Italian speakers.

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