Puntolingua was founded in 2002 in Italy and has been based in Berlin, Germany since 2012. We offer Italian and German language courses and provide translations into Italian. Puntolingua is a CELI exam center (Certificate of knowledge of the Italian language, issued by the University for Foreigners of Perugia).

  • Tasks: Teaching management, Italian courses B2 – C2, German courses A1 – A2, Italian teaching courses, Person in charge for the CELI center in Berlin, Translations
  • Languages: Italian (mother tongue), German, French, Spanish and English

I introduce myself: My name is Costanza and I was born in Piombino (Italy) in 1968. After high school in Humanities (maturità classica), I enrolled at the University of Pisa, where I completed a degree in Philosophy in 1994 and in History in 2005 (both laurea magistrale). In 1996 I got the Großes Deutsches Sprachdiplom issued by the Goethe Institute. I spent many years in Germany. 1995-1997 I worked as a lector for Italian language at the University of Bielefeld and over the years I have worked at various language schools in Tuscany, Mannheim and Berlin. From 2009-2013 I taught Italian at a Volskhochschule in Brandenburg. Since 2002 I have been managing Puntolingua, which has been based in Berlin since 2012. Further qualifications: DITALS II and recognized CELI examiner.

  • Tasks: German courses
  • Languages: German (mother tongue), Italian, French, Portuguese and English

I introduce myself: My name is Anja, I come from the southernmost part of Germany, the Allgäu, and after graduating from high school in 1987 I studied Political Science and French in Munich (M.A.) Since I wanted to teach, I then passed my state examination as a teacher. After many moves with my family, I finally ended up in Berlin. I gave German courses at the VHS in Bavaria, have BAMF approval for integration courses and a diploma issued by the Goethe Institute for DaF / DaZ. Languages are my passion, so I have now also taken the CILS B2 exam in Italian.

  • Tasks: Italian courses A1 – B1, Conversation in Italian and CELI examiner
  • Languages: Italian (mother tongue), German, French and English

I introduce myself: My name is Alice and I was born in Conegliano (Veneto, Northeast Italy) in 1992. After high school, I completed a bachelor’s degree in Italian Language and Literature. In 2015 I spent in Berlin, where I learned German as a foreign language at a language school. In 2016 I returned to Italy and got the DITALS I certificate there. In order to expand my didactic knowledge, I completed a master’s degree in Linguistics at the Ca ‘Foscari University in Venice in 2020, during which I also studied German. Since 2019 I have been living in Berlin again and teaching Italian as a foreign language. I am a recognized CELI examiner and have the Goethe Certificate C1.

To contact us:
Lüderitzstraße 11 – 13351 Berlin – Germany
0049 (0)30 87 333 929 / 54 59 47 38

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