These free Italian activities for beginners can be downloaded and used both for educational purposes and for individual learning. We recommend that you print the documents and carry out the exercises in paper format, to allow greater concentration and memorization of the contents.

Index of contents – Free Italian exercises for beginners

  • Grammar: articoli, preposizioni, sostantivi, aggettivi, pronomi, singolare, plurale, maschile, femminile, essere, avere, esserci, presente indicativo, verbi riflessivi, verbi pronominali, verbi modali, passato prossimo, imperfetto, condizionale semplice, imperativo, futuro, congiuntivo presente.
  • Vocabulary: nations, languages, numbers, food and drink, time, days of the week, months, clothing, home and furniture, family, parts of the human body, health, work.
  • Communication: greetings and farewells, introduce itself, ask for personal data, order in the restaurant, free time, I like it and I don’t like it, frequency, express a wish, make a proposal, give an advice, book a room, ask for information, complain, shopping, describe a person, make an appointment, express an opinion, write a job application.

Are you looking for other Italian exercises, language games or interactive activities in Italian for beginners?

  • Loescher Editore (free Italian exercises for beginners, other activities, videos and readings);
  • Alma Edizioni (free Italian exercises for beginners, activities, videos and readings).

Other services for online learning of the Italian language in addition to the activities for beginners and intermediate level are:

  • Conversation in Italian via webcam to practice Italian with a native speaker and increase your vocabulary in a pleasant way, simply by conversing,
  • Italian language lessons (A1 – B1 level), or
  • our customized program Learn and travel to Italy lasting one month: 20 hours of individual Italian lessons online and two weeks stay in Italy.

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