Learn Italian online with Puntolingua

Puntolingua is an Italian language center based in Berlin and CELI examination center recognized by the University for Foreigners of Perugia. Alongside a wide range of Italian courses in Berlin, our intent is also to design new courses to learn Italian online.

With our online Italian learning program, you can choose between individual Italian lessons, to progress quickly, and conversation meeting to practice with a native speaker. Alternatively you can consult our free archive of exercises.

The latest addition is a refresher course to learn Italian online through a chat on your smartphone.

Whatever you might need, Puntolingua offers you a team of teachers of different ages, but united by certified professionalism and a great passion for teaching the Italian language. Of course, if you live in Berlin, you can come and visit us in person. You find all our course and activity offers in Berlin here

Learn Italian online with our individual lessons or conversation

  • Individual Italian lessons (A1 – C2 level)

This service is aimed at those who want to follow their own learning time.
A Puntolingua teacher will be available to you online via webcam every working day.
Rate: € 28,00 – € 32,00 per unit (60 minutes) or € 120,00 per module.
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  • One-to-one Italian conversation (from B1 level)

To practice Italian and increase your vocabulary in a pleasant way, simply by conversing.
A Puntolingua teacher will be available to you online via webcam every working day.
Rate: € 30,00 per lesson (60 minutes).
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Learn Italian online with our refresh activities

  • Free online activities
    Free Italian exercises (grammar and vocabulary), free videos about Italian language and other free activities. An Italian teacher checks your homework and answers your questions for free. Available for beginners and for intermediate level.
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  • Refresh course in Italian on your Smartphone
    The teacher starts a chat through which it is possible to discuss the exercises, exchange images and comments, work in pairs or in groups.
    Rate: € 80,00 per 20 units.
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Learn Italian online
Perugia, Italy

Why learn Italian?

  • Some people, especially in Europe, learn Italian at least at a basic level to be more comfortable during their holidays in Italy.
  • In some European schools, Italian is studied as a second language.
  • Some European university students choose Italy for their period of study or internship abroad (Erasmus program).
  • Anyone who wants to move to Italy for work needs to learn Italian.
  • There are also those who want to learn Italian for family reasons, to resume the language of their ancestors (this is the case of foreigners with Italian origin) or because they are married to an Italian.
  • Furthermore, there are many people in the world who love the Italian language, perhaps because of its sound, perhaps because they associate images of the joy of life and harmony of forms (in the figurative arts or in music) with this language, or perhaps who knows … Italians often struggle to understand it, because for them Italian is normal.
  • Here are some links to web pages with interesting content to help you learn Italian online:
  • Would you like to know more about Puntolingua and our work organization? Read the profiles of the Puntolingua team.
  • L’italiano con Emma: the best way to learn Italian on your own.
L’italiano con Emma

Various curiosities, questions from the web

  • Can you learn Italian for free online?

Like any other language, you can learn Italian online, as long as there is a real person on the other side, and not simply software, which however can be very useful for practicing vocabulary. The best way to learn Italian online is to understand that teaching a foreign language is a profession and you cannot expect someone to do it for free. If you want to learn Italian online free, you can take it as a play for your free time. You will surely learn something. But when you want to get the best results in the shortest time, turn to a professional.

  • How do online Italian lessons work?

At Puntolingua we have two learning options: Italian lessons in modules and in blocks (see above).

  • ‍ ‍ How many people speak Italian around the world?

About 63 million as native speakers.