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Interpreting and translation in Italian with Sofia Carrà

Sofia Carrà is an interpreter and translator in Berlin, member in the German Professional Association of Translators and Interpreters (BDÜ) and in the German National Association of Conference Interpreters (VKD).

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Language Combinations

– Italian > German (publicly appointed, sworn, and certified)
– German > Italian (publicly appointed, sworn, and certified)
– English > Italian
– Russian > Italian

Her journey in language and communication began in Milan, where she developed a deep fascination for foreign languages. This passion led her to pursue studies in interpretation and translation in Italian in the Bavarian city of Munich and now she calls Berlin home.

She did her bachelors in Translation and Interpreting at University of Applied Languages – SDI Munich with foreign languages German and Russian and specialization in law.

Successively she completed her masters in Interpreting at University of Applied Languages – SDI Munich with foreign languages German and English and specialization in technology.

In 2021 she won an award in translation in Italian in the translation’s competition Radial-Initiativstipendium of the Deutscher Übersetzerfond for the translation into Italian of the children’s book “Hase & Mond. Eine Geschichte für Odilia“ by Ruth Johanna Benrath & Lucie Göpfert.

Translation in Italian

By “translation” we mean the transferral of a written text from a source language into a written text in a target language.

As a publicly appointed, sworn, and certified translator and interpreter, Sofia Carrà provides reliable and accurate services in interpreting and translation in Italian across various domains.

Whether you require translations for contracts, product specifications, operating instructions, or medical reports, Sofia guarantees top-quality specialist texts. With meticulous attention to detail and continuous professional development she ensures accurate and precise translations that meet the highest standards.

She also offers certified translations in Italian for documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and various other certificates, ensuring their validity worldwide.

Her expertise spans a wide range of fields, including law, technology, medicine, and automotive sectors. From legal documents to technical manuals she provides specialized translations tailored to meet your specific needs.

Interpreting in Italian

“Interpreting” involves the translation of a spoken text presented once, typically orally, from a source language into a spoken text in a target language.

Sofia Carrà as a conference interpreter is specialized in facilitating communication at large-scale events such as conferences, conventions, international meetings contract negotiations, business appointments, trade fairs, press conferences, factory tours, training courses, workshops and seminars. She is skilled in both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting techniques. Simultaneous interpreting involves interpreting the speaker’s words in real-time while they are speaking, with minimal delay. Interpreters use specialized equipment such as headsets and microphones to deliver the interpretation simultaneously to the listeners.

Whereas consecutive interpreting involves the interpreter listening to a segment of the speaker’s speech and then delivering the interpretation after the speaker pauses.

Certain situations in everyday life of private citizens necessitate the expertise of certified interpreters who are trained to handle sensitive and legal matters with precision and accuracy such as doctors’ or hospital appointments, court hearings, notarizations, civil wedding ceremonies, appointments with lawyers, acknowledgements of paternity and maternity and dealings with the police.

Why Choose Sofia Carrà for a translation in Italian?

– Quality
– Reliability
– Cost-effectiveness
– Attention to detail
– Experience and professionalism
– Punctuality
– Confidentiality

For all your needs in interpreting and translation in Italian, trust Sofia Carrà to deliver exceptional service with unwavering dedication and expertise. Contact me to discuss how we can assist you in bridging language barriers and achieving your communication goals.

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