Italian classes online and in Berlin. Italian language course.
Online Italian classes

Grammar refresher – Italian language course

Course description: Italian language course Levels A1 – B1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Each day is dedicated to a topic and you can sign up separately for each meeting. In the lesson we correct the exercises, which were sent to each participant a few days in advance. The duration of each meeting is at least one hour and depends on the number of participants and the topic.
Course design: Dates can be booked separately

Rate: € 24,00 per meeting. Forms of payment accepted: bank transfer or PayPal.
Learning material: included in the price and made available as a PDF.

Registration: Please send us your application (non-binding request) for the selected topics and transfer the corresponding sum at least three days before the respective meetings.

Next Topics – Start at 8 p.m. (Central Europe Time)

03/04/2024Articoli e aggettiviA1
10/04/2024Presente indicativo A1
24/04/2024Aggettivi e pronomi possessiviA1
08/05/2024Aggettivi dimostrativiA1
15/05/2024Verbi riflessiviA1
22/05/2024Passato prossimoA1
29/05/2024Pronomi diretti, indiretti, tonici, combinatiA2
12/06/2024Comparativi e superlativiA2
26/06/2024Forma impersonaleA2
Italian language courses – Grammar refresher

If you want to practice on your own, we recommend the Italian grammar books from Alma edizioni and Loescher editore

Preparation for the CELI language certificate – Italian language course

Course description: 12 hours. The course starts one month before the exam and it is based on authentic exam tasks
Course design: 4 weeks, 3 hours a week (1 hour = 60 minutes)
Rate: € 240,00. Forms of payment accepted: bank transfer or PayPal.
Learning material: included in the price and made available as a PDF

Registration: Send us your application (non-binding request). Registration for these Italian language courses should be done by e-mail at least one week before the course starts.

Next preparatory courses

Course typeStart on Time (CET)DayHoursRate
CELI 3 – B221.05.202415 – 16.30Tue + Thu12€ 240,00
CELI 4 – C122.05.202415 – 16.30Wed + Fri12€ 240,00
Italian language courses – CELI

Puntolingua introduces itself

Speaking is a natural human attitude, but when it is used as a learning strategy, there are a few things to keep in mind, for example to invite the student to express their opinions directly in the target language, instead of using the time available to talk “about the target language”. It seems easy, but to do this you need to know various teaching methods. Unfortunately, today we have the impression that teaching a language with new technologies is very easy. Everyone at home has a computer and a webcam, but technology, even if very useful, is not enough.

With Puntolingua’s Italian language courses (both in groups and in individual lessons) the student is guided through his individual learning process and to do this the teacher must have skills in the field of foreign language learning. For this reason, by Puntolingua we organize a training course in language teaching and the teachers who have been working with us for the longest time have a certification in teaching Italian to foreigners. Our teachers live in Berlin or they only lived in Berlin for a certain period during which they followed our training and then returned to Italy.

Why learn Italian?

  • Some people, especially in Europe, learn Italian at least at a basic level to be more comfortable during their holidays in Italy.
  • In some European schools, Italian is studied as a second language.
  • Some European university students choose Italy for their period of study or internship abroad (Erasmus program).
  • Anyone who wants to move to Italy for work needs to learn Italian.
  • There are also those who want to learn Italian for family reasons, to resume the language of their ancestors (this is the case of foreigners with Italian origin) or because they are married to an Italian.
  • Furthermore, there are many people in the world who love the Italian language, perhaps because of its sound, perhaps because they associate images of the joy of life and harmony of forms (in the figurative arts or in music) with this language, or perhaps who knows … Italians often struggle to understand it, because for them Italian is normal.

Various curiosities, questions from the web:

  • Where can I learn Italian in Italy?

Puntolingua recommends Italian language courses at schools associated with ASILS

  • How can I learn Italian language fast?

To learn a language it is important to be exposed to the language as much as possible. So to learn Italian it is not enough to take an italian language course, but also spend as much time as possible listening, reading, writing, conversing in Italian.

  • How long does it take to learn Italian?

It depends on the level you want to reach. An A1 level course lasts 30-40 hours.

Here are some links to web pages with interesting content to help you during or after a Italian language course:

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